Sacred Heart Catholic School serves students from any cultural background and does not turn children away due to their families’ ability to pay for tuition.  Almost all of our students receive some type of scholarships to help offset the cost of education.

Parish Scholarships – Families in the Lincoln area that are registered at a Catholic Church receive scholarship assistance from the parish.  Tuition covers less than 20% of the cost of education, the rest is covered through parish scholarships, stewardship, and fundraising efforts.  Please set up time to speak with your pastor about the Parish Scholarship in your parish.

Dillon Scholarship Fund for Catholic Schools in Lincoln – This scholarship is available to students who qualify for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Assistance.  For more information, contact the school office at 402-476-1783.

St. Joseph Giving Tree Program – Students that qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program are eligible to participate in the Giving Tree Program.  The Giving Tree Program is coordinated by St. Joseph Catholic Church in Lincoln each Christmas.