A Catholic education is a gift that should be available for all children, regardless of the family’s socio-economic status. No child will be refused an education at Sacred Heart for financial reasons. The Sacred Heart Parish community and the Diocese of Lincoln are extremely generous in supporting the education of the children of Sacred Heart Catholic School. Due to this generosity, tuition costs are kept to a small percentage of the actual cost of educating a child.

The cost to educate a child at Sacred Heart School is approximately $5,300 per student. The family is responsible for paying only approximately 10% of that cost. The remaining 90% is received as a scholarship from Supporting Catholic Parishes and the Diocese of Lincoln.


Rates for families registered at a Catholic parish

$700 for one child
$1,190 for two children
$1,680 for three children
$2,100 for four children
$2,450 for five students

Non-Catholic students and students who belong to a non-supporting Catholic parish pay $1,950 per student.

All rates include a $25 per student Catholic Education Fee to support the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office.



Tuition may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Please be advised that Stewardship also means sharing time and talents. Arrangements may be made to defray tuition costs. If you feel that paying tuition creates a financial hardship on your family, please discuss this with the pastor. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Families are expected to tithe to their registered parish to help compensate the difference in the cost to educate their children and the family paid tuition rate.

Please be respectful of the school’s need to fulfill its own financial obligations and pay tuition bills promptly. If a situation arises and your family is unable to make prompt payments, please contact the pastor directly to discuss payment options.


For more information about our Tuition & Fees, view our schedule below: