The best grounding for education is Latin grammar – students that study Latin perform higher on standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT, and 50 to 60 percent of the English language comes from Latin as well as 90 percent of words that are more than two syllables.  We know that Latin increases a student’s vocabulary exponentially and consequently augments reading comprehension.  There are several other benefits of Latin:

1) Latin helps with mental acuity. Simply put, Latin exercises a person’s brain and trains the brain to be detail-oriented. Students not only must translate a verb in the correct person, number, tense and mood, but they also must translate the word in the correct context.

2) Latin helps students become better spellers. After students learn the roots of words, they then can see the Latin influence in the English words. Likewise, once a student studies the patterns of Latin spelling, he/she gains fortitude in those 90 percent of words with more than two syllables. The study of Latin helps students sort and spell words based on their roots rather than memorizing isolated words. In a study of sixth-grade students in Indianapolis, students who took Latin were four months ahead of others in spelling.

3) Latin helps students with the study of English literature. Not only does the knowledge of Latin help students with their reading comprehension, but it also acclimates them to vocabulary, sentence structure and content used by authors of classic works.

4) Latin helps students become great speakers. When students have the chance to read authentic Latin, they learn the great rhetorical techniques of Cicero, the speeches of Vergil’s Aeneid and the persuasive techniques of Julius Caesar.

5) The study of Latin decreases the effort needed in other subjects by 50 percent. Latin is the key to academic vocabulary and grammar whether it is logic, biology, or English grammar. With a Latin background, students can learn any subject more easily because he/she can access the vocabulary more readily.


8th Grade Performs "Julius Caesar"

8th Grade performs “Julius Caesar” as part of their Latin studies.


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