living-rosary-2013-11Sacred Heart Catholic School follows the mission of the Catholic School System of the Diocese of Lincoln.  The Mission is to form students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, in partnership with parents, and in harmony with the specific gifts given by God to each student. In order to fulfill this mission, these schools are committed to integrating the best programs and means of education with Catholic faith and moral values.

Sacred Heart Catholic School is blessed to have had Priests and Sisters who teach and work in the school.  In addition to faith formation in Religion classes in each grade, we also integrate our Catholic faith into every classroom.  Including daily Mass, prayer in the classroom, service projects and mission work, our students and staff integrate faith into all that we do.

Sacred Heart Catholic School welcomes ordained, religious, and lay individuals to share their own conversion and testimony stories with the students and staff.  Fr. Jeff Eickhoff, a rector at the seminary, gave a presentation about St. John Bosco’s life.  St. John Bosco’s feast day is on January 31st.  He was an educator, teaching young men and orphaned boys and started a religious order dedicated to serving children.  St. John Bosco was very entertaining, so Fr. Eickhoff used the opportunity to share his skill of juggling with the students.  A seminarian also came with Fr. Eickhoff to talk about life in the seminary.