Service to Others

Sacred Heart students and staff participate in many service projects throughout the year, living out our Catholic faith in action.

Food Drives

Sacred Heart students collect food, clothing, and other necessities for the benefit of those less fortunate to contribute to Catholic Social Services during the holidays and throughout the school year.  Students help in various ways including making and providing sandwiches, raising funds, and colleting non-perishable food items and personal care items.  The generosity of our students and families is greatly appreciated.


Prayers & Pennies for Houston

In this photo is the only remaining intact item left after a Hurricane Harvey-induced fire engulfed a home in Houston, TX. This reminds us that prayer is always welcomed and heard. God endures. Our faith endures.

Following the devastation left behind from Hurricane Harvey, Sacred Heart Catholic School started a relief fund called “Prayers and Pennies for Houston.”  The students, faculty, and staff collected their pennies, loose change, and prayers for the benefit of the Houston Catholic Schools.  Sadly, most everything was destroyed or damaged within many school buildings as a result of the hurricane.  Recovery will take months and years.  Sacred Heart raised $195 and donated it to NCEA through the Kids to Kids Action program for the benefit of the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  NCEA matched the funds donated helping to make Sacred Heart’s donation go even further.


Mary’s Meals

The students of Sacred Heart Catholic School periodically take up collections to support the work of missions.  Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, funds were raised by the students to benefit Mary’s Meals.  The students raised over $350 to help 18 children in other parts of the world receive an education and 2 meals a day.  Click the link to learn more about Mary’s Meals and the work they are doing to help children around the world.

Mary’s Meals

Other Service Projects

Sacred Heart Catholic School creates opportunities for students to remind others they are loved throughout the year.  During Catholic Schools Week 2017, the students created cards for retired priests and seminarians.  They also painted small pieces of wooden objects and then wrote ‘You are Loved’.  The painted objects were taken to folks in nursing homes by a visiting ministry.  These objects were intended to be a remind people that God loves them and others are thinking about them and are praying for them.


A little can go a long way.  Please continue to help your child to give generously if you are able.

Students helped collect hats, gloves, and other non-perishable items to help support those in need through Catholic Social Services.

Students helped collect hats, gloves, and other non-perishable items to help support those in need through Catholic Social Services.