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Sacred Heart Catholic School – 1928

Welcome to all our alumni!  Sacred Heart Legacy was created for alumni to continue to be connected to Sacred Heart Catholic School.  We want to know about you and how you are doing.  Please complete your information below and let us know what you’re up to.  Or you can contact us at the school office by calling 402-476-1783.

We love to see our alumni and hear your stories.  Visit us at Sacred Heart Catholic School anytime!


Help Us Find Your Classmates

We are continuing to build our database of past alumni of Sacred Heart Catholic School, but we have lost contact with some individuals due to name changes or moves over the years.  Below are lists of former Sacred Heart Catholic School students we have lost contact with.  If you have any contact information about your former classmates, please provide us with the information you have available including address, phone number, and/or email address.  You are also welcome to invite him/her to contact us here.

We appreciate receiving news of an alum’s death.  If you are aware of an alum’s death, please notify us so we may update our records.  We keep all Sacred Heart alumni, living and deceased, in our prayers.


Past Students: Classes of 1950 – 1960
Past Students: Classes of 1961 – 1970
Past Students: Classes of 1971 – 1980
Past Students: Classes of 1981 – 1990
Past Students: Classes of 1991 – 2000
Past Students: Classes of 2001 – 2013

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