Each quarter students are recognized for their achievements inside the classroom.  Students in 4th grade through 8th grade are eligible to be on the Honor Roll if they maintain a grade of B or higher in each class or the Principal’s List if they maintain a grade of A or higher in each class.  Sacred Heart Catholic School also distributes a Leading by Example award to middle school students who do not receive a demerit, do not have a missing assignment throughout the quarter, and who have set a positive example for others.

The Kingdom Builder award is given to one student in each homeroom class per quarter.  Students are recognized for going above and beyond the expectations for behavior and kindness in the classroom.  This award acknowledges students who actively work to build God’s kingdom in the classroom by including others, being kind to everyone, demonstrating virtue, and setting a positive example for everyone around them!


2018-2019 – 1st Quarter Award Recipients

Kingdom Builders

Kindergarten – Rocco – Rocco is always ready to work with a joyous attitude.  He is a great helper to everyone in the classroom.
First Grade – Abby – She comes to school every day ready to learn.  She regularly helps her classmates with work or cleanup.  Abby cheerfully volunteers to help her teacher whenever he needs an extra pair of hands.
Second Grade – Isabel – Isabel is always cheerful and kind.  She never complains and is always ready to help no matter what I ask her to do.  She is a blessing to our class.
Third Grade – Ngoc – Ngoc has a consistently positive attitude, works to help others, always has a smile on her face, and spreads the love of Jesus wherever she goes.
Fourth Grade – Lilianna – For always putting others needs before hers, being a good friend to others and coming to school every day with a smile on her face.
Fifth Grade – Kallo – Kallo is a kind friend to all and willing to help out whenever the opportunity arises.  He always strives to bring joy into the classroom and spreads his love for Jesus with everyone.
Sixth Grade – Kelly – Kelly is kind and considerate and very focused in academics and a quiet friend to all.
Seventh Grade – Huy – Huy has worked hard at the beginning of the year, showing responsibility and diligence in his class work.  He is kind to classmates and willing to assist whenever there is a need in the classroom.
Eighth Grade – Allison – Allison is good at noticing the needs of others and is eager to help out.  She is kind, generous, and encouraging in her interactions with her classmates.  She shows an openness to growing in her relationship with Jesus and she shares her gifts to help make Sacred Heart Catholic School better.

Leading by Example

Seventh Grade – Huy, Gretna, Kimberly, Cecilia
Eighth Grade – Christine, Gabrielle, Nghi, Ava

Principal’s List

Fourth Grade – Ethan
Seventh Grade
– Cecilia
Eighth Grade – Gabrielle

Honor Roll

Fourth Grade – Adee, Lucy, Megan, Angel, Teresa, Ivan, Nahla, Minh, Anastasia
Fifth Grade – Sydney, Jennifer D., Tracy, Taven, Kallo, Joseph K., Andrew, Jennifer N., Joseph P.
Sixth Grade – Kelly, Vicki
Seventh Grade – Blaise, Dillon, Gretna, Kimberly
Eighth Grade – Alexander, Christine